Bulk SMS & Bulk Voice Call Services
We encourage you to sign up for our Nstacom platform, an integrated Bulk SMS, and Bulk Voice
messaging application. It’s unique, cost-effective for those who want to send Bulk SMS and Voice calls
to target groups or clients. Our credit charges are the cheapest on the market. Our SMS credit tariff
ranges between 0.020p-0.037p subject to the volume of messages or credit you are buying. Our Voice
Call service is unmatched as it provides two-way traffic communication with a maximum call duration
of 1min: 30sec at fee between 0.12p-0.25p per contact depending on the volume of contacts or credits
you are buying. Additionally, we offer user training support for our clients.

Database Management Systems (Customized/Multi-Purpose)
We also provide Database Management Services for Religious Organizations, Educational Institutions,
Businesses, and Associations/Groups to effectively relevant information their members, students, staff,
etc. The Database Management System, dubbed +DataBase, is your one-stop-shop application for all
the solutions you need for effective membership database management.
Some of the main features on
+DataBase include; customization of Registration Form and Membership
ID, Membership Grouping, Storage and Filtering, Attendance Clocking & Records Management,
Integrated Bulk SMS & Bulk Voice Call Messaging, Digital Payment Integration (for
donation/dues/fees payment), Media File Storage & Management, Data File Download and may more.
We encourage you to sign up for +DataBase System if you run a church, educational institution,
association, or organized group. Subscribe now! Visit

USSD Payment Service (MoMo)
We also provide Digital Payment platform across all networks for Churches, Businesses, Groups &
Organizations using a USSD Code * 718 * 800#. You will receive an SMS notification on any
transaction that hits your account. You have access to a secure online platform to track all payments.
Funds can be transferred to your bank account or MoMo account easily. You can pull and print your
transaction statements and it can be linked to your bank account. You have no reason to fear about the
security of your funds because we have the Bank of Ghana license for this digital payment platform;
it’s secure and user friendly. The setup fee is only GHC 600. We can set it up in the name of your
business/organization so customers will see the name when making payment.

Website/Web Application Development & Management
We can develop professional and interactive websites based on your specifications and requirements.
Our service delivery is swift, and we also provide site management services at a minimal fee. Besides,
we developed customized web and mobile app solutions. We can transform your ideas and visions into
reality. Our charges are reasonably cool with flexible payment terms.

Media/Multimedia Support Services
Click Communications Limited provides video/photography service for all types of events. We also
specialize in high-quality and affordable documentary production, infomercials, and TV
Commercials. If you need media coverage or news interview, we can arrange and coordinate the press
(TV, Radio, Online, Newspaper) for you. Contact us now on 233546362962
 for any of the
services above.