Enjoy beautiful, younger-looking healthy skin! REJUVEN8 is an innovative skin care product that revitalizes and protects the delicate stem cells in our skin against premature aging and sun-damage. The proprietary formula is backed by real research, real studies, and real results.

Your skin will look and feel its best ever with REJUVEN8. The deeply penetrating and moisturizing, collagen and elastin boosting formulation has a rejuvenating, anti-aging effect and is proven to visibly lift sagging skin and diminish fine wrinkles and deeper lines.Our potent, lightweight daily serum is powered by a high- quality Goji stem cell extract that has been found in multiple studies to significantly strengthen, repair, and refine the skin – resulting in improved appearance, condition, and vitality. You can expect to see noticeable results within 30-45 days!

Reported Benefits May Include:
• Boosts Collagen and Elastin in the Skin
• Minimizes Fine Wrinkles and Deeper Lines
• Rejuvenates Skin Appearance and Condition
• Firms and Lifts Up Skin to Visibly Reduce Sagging • Moisturizes, Softens, and Soothes Dry Skin
• Increases Vitality and Longevity of Skin Stem Cells

Proven, Proprietary Goji Stem Cell Technology
REJUVEN8 from B-Epic is powered by a high-quality goji stem cell extract that has been found in multiple studies to revitalize the delicate, aging stem cells in our skin.
Our unique, advanced skin rejuvenation serum is based on an innovative, proprietary technology that enables the sustainable cultivation and large-scale production of goji plant stem cells to be used in a cosmetic formulation in order to improve the function of skin stem cells.
As we age, the production of collagen and elastin is reduced, which results in sagging, wrinkled skin. In addition, over time our skin stem cells naturally lose their regenerative properties, which further leads to aged, damaged skin.
Scientific research has found that the proprietary Goji stem cell extract used in REJUVEN8 revitalizes skin stem cell function and improves collagen and elastin production thereby rejuvenating and regenerating the skin.
Significant findings include stimulation of skin stem cell functioning, improved density of healthy fibers in the skin (epidermis + dermis), visible reduction of fine wrinkles and deeper lines, and the lifting and firming up of the skin (e.g., resulting in visibly more tightened, lifted, and contoured shape along jawline and neck).

The Remarkable Healing Power of the Goji
Goji (Lycium barbarum) plants are native to China and belong to the nightshade family. The red-orange berries that are harvested from the plant are one of the most famous superfruits in the world.
According to legend, goji berries were first discovered by a Buddhist monk, and it transpired that the monks who incorporated them into their diets lived longer than those who did not.

For hundreds of years, goji berries have been eaten in Asia for their medicinal and nutritive properties. Nowadays, goji berries are eaten all over the world, mostly in dried form, and there are various goji berry supplements on the market with the reported benefits ranging from anti- aging, immune boosting, and energizing to improved memory.
Because of the claimed health benefits in traditional medicine, the chemical compounds in the goji fruit, root, and other parts of the plant have been studied in some detail. Recent research has confirmed that the healing mechanism of the Gogi plant has a positive, healing effect on human skin cells – the power of which is harnessed in REJUVEN8.

Real Science, Real Studies, Real Results
The following are highlights from some of the studies conducted on proprietary Goji stem cell extract in REJUVEN8. The results are significant and, in all cases, greatly outperform placebo. Visible improvements over initial, untreated conditions can be seen in as little as one month; with even greater, sustained improvements with continued use over time.

Visible Smoothing and Reduction of Wrinkles: